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Dominion wars - Second Update
Hello everyone,
We deployed the second update for the server. 
There have been a number of connection problems, account login issues and stuck/delayed marches. They were all tied to a new bug that we took care of - login issues and marches will resolve with this update.
As you've had a chance to check the first wave of new alliance features, we've been working to sort out the problems you’ve reported along with the ones we found.
-Major optimizations – the game should now run smoothly on Firefox as it does on Chrome. Keep in mind we do not officially support Microsoft Edge, so you should sent us your reports if you experience any problems while using it.
-A few tutorial bugs were fixed thanks to very detailed reports by players.
-Switching cities sometimes didn’t display information from the selected city.
-Alliance profile and a few messages scrollbars were broken.
-Assign workers city switch bug showed wrong information.
-Fixed spy reports text bug and minor bug in market messages.
-Infiltration bug reported by slavi1979 is resolved.
Thank you for your great feedback!
The MtR Team